Our values

Our vision and values are our daily guide and animate all our activities and operations.

Technological Mastery and Innovation : Our experts are certified in all our business areas, relying on a continuous formation cycle, a strong synergy with our partners to guarantee a recurring technical watch, in order to spot and select the solutions which best correspond to our clients’ needs. 

We put everything in place to ensure that technology and IT innovation are at the service of our clients’ growth and development.

Quality of Service : We engage ourselves considering a specific service perimeter and a service level defined in accordance with our client’s strategy and vision. All our expertise, organization, engineering and recommendations for the best tools (to optimize the performance of the components of a service link chain), are put in place to measure, adjust, supervise and guarantee the level of services agreed.

Synergy : Every project is carried by a well-structured team, organized according to the project’s nature, the client’s organization, associated delays, constraints, partners and providers. All of this based on a coordination and a scheduling aiming at the optimization of the synergy of skills and values.

Efficiency : We are concerned about the well thought balance that needs to exist between technological innovation or sizing of a solution on one hand and on the other, the socio-economical context, the market depth, the client’s vision and the means to be put in place.
ITGStore relies on its experience acquired with the completion of several strategic projects, to bring together creativity, efficiency, performance and pragmatism in operation management.

Africa’s Influence : We are convinced that the universality of science may be seen as the universality of the technology. That cutting-edge IT solutions, in the heart of Africa’s development, speed up the transformation process towards more growth, performance, exchange, communication and sharing.

The space being dematerialized, the location is no longer the focus, but the attention is rather paid to the “meaning of the actions”.