Electronic Payment

ITGStore, through solutions offered by the e-payment department enables the integration, development, hosting and management of switch platforms. We offer both outsourced and near-sourced services.

Issuing/acquiring management

ITGSTORE has established strategic partnerships with the major players in electronic payment sector; Hence we are able to offer cutting-edge and quality card solutions to banks and other financial institutions:

– Issuance integration for private labels and international cards (Visa / MasterCard / AMEX / JCB / UnionPay)
– Payment services Customisation: definition and optimisation of income (commissions, fees, additional fees, etc.)
– Payment terminals supply

Payment system operation

ITGSTORE brings its expertise in payment systems operation into providing, on our clients’ behalf, the following services:

– Back office management (BIN, carriers, merchants, cards, terminals, transactions, refunds, unpaid, litigations, etc.)
– Optimisation and fraud monitoring, including alerts
– Optimisation of the interfaces with third-parties
– Configuration and Monitoring of payment networks
– End Of Day operations and other transactions processing

Development, interfacing and support

ITGSTORE’s team of skilled and qualified expert is here to develop solutions for e-banking management, ERP and so on. Some of our services are listed below:

– Interfacing and configuration of ERP modules (E-commerce…);
– Development of ISO 8583 interfaces;
– Audit for the systems;
– Optimisation and implementation of the processes;
– Supervision of ATMs and POS;
– Integration of Front Office solutions and E-commerce;
– Instant Issuance solutions deployment;
– Training and technical support.

Optimisation Security Optimisation

Security guarantee is essential in all operations involved in payment not only for the institutions but also for the end-users of the services they offer.

– Configuration and HSM management;
– Project management and Innovation;
– Securing payment networks;
– Certification of payment terminals;
– Optimisation of Fraud prevention;
– Strong authentication.

Project management and supervision

– Intermediation and project supervision
– Management of payment terminals certification
– Project engineering and project engineering support
– Project management for systems migration


 Instant issuance of cards

Instant issuance is our solution for chip-enabled EMV cards in a distributed environment. ITGStore designs and offers all cards type namely:


– Debit: Electron
– Credit: Classic, Gold, Platinum, Business
– Contactless: PayWave, Mifare


– Debit: Maestro
– Credit: Classic, Gold, Platinum, Business
– Contactless: PayPass, Mifare

Other cards

– Payment: prepaid cards, EMV, co-branded
– Commerce: Gift cards, fidelity cards
– Control/Identification: transportation, access cards
– Health: health cards, insurance cards, biometric ID cards
– Etc.