Information Lifecycle Management

Enterprise data has a major value directly connected to revenues and the production system. Information Lifecycle Management within the enterprise is managed according to a rigorous plan in order to optimize the costs.

ITGSTore’s team has a proven expertise based both on local and French references, to address ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) problems. This cycle is comprised of 3 parts :

– Information storage solution: store and manage the data; its volume and its growth; follow safety rules, confidentiality, integrity and authenticity.

– Information protection solution: meet the data protection requirements in order to cover incidents and disasters triggering data loss. Data backup and restoration systems; Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

– Information archiving solution: meet long term data retention requirements; legal retention with legal proof capabilities; Electronic capture and dematerialization of physical documents; Optimized and industrialized storage organization for physical archives; Indexing of electronic archives (scanned) with physical archives history; Dematerialisation of scanned data processing; Storage of digital archive.

Information Lifecycle Management is based on storage, backup and restoration policies, coherent and directly related to the mapping, the criticality and sensibility of data. All this being aligned to the enterprise vision.

ITGStore offers a catalog with various solutions based on the needs, the context and the means of any enterprise :

– Architecture and solutions for consolidated data storage, NAS, SAN (FC, iSCSI, FCIP, iFCP, FCoE)

– Data protection solutions with products from: Symantec, EMC, HP …

– Remote data replication system, Data Recovery Plan (DRP, virtualization, Cloud)

– Data capture and dematerialization solutions ; archiving and long term data retention solutions (legal archiving, regulatory compliance)

– Electronic Document Management solutions (EDM)