ITGStore has operations in Cameroon and the sub region (Chad, RCA, Congo, Niger …), and also offers services as outsourced and near-sourced.

ITGStore relies on a strategical partnership with French Axel IT to address the needs of European companies with operations in Europe or Africa through subsidiaries.

Our service catalog for Outsourcing and Near-sourcing covers :

  • The industrialization of IT production processes;
  • The preparation and operational readiness of IT service platforms;
  • The industrialization of the technical support chain and the maintenance of the equipment and software composing the IT production environment;
  • The industrialization of the incident detection chain, the event correlation, the service level evaluation, the incident management and the support to users;
  • The industrialization and the optimization of the operation processes, the operation management, the configuration and change management;
  • The automation and the production of dashboards for activities and operations follow up.

We build our teams according to the context as follows :

  • Outsourcing : A team of experts dedicated to the project while working from ITGStore production platforms;
  • Near-sourcing : A team of experts dedicated to the project and working on the client site.

ITGStore operates on behalf of several clients, large groups in the energy distribution field, water, telecommunication operators and mining operators.