Support and Training


ITGStore is a real service center that efficiently manages your Information System while providing assistance and technical support based on best practices.

ITGStore has several success stories for Third Party Application and Infrastructure Maintenance with major players.

ITGStore has a catalog of certified and skilled experts trained by our partners, equipment manufacturers and software vendors, to provide IT services management for its clients (near-sourced or outsourced).

ITGStore relies on context-based operational processes, reliable and efficient, to meet the commitments made through a predefined service convention.

ITGStore is able to provide support services (level 1, 2 or 3) for all the technical scope: equipment, software and operating systems linked to the carried business areas.

Support or technical assistance service is ruled by a service convention including details about:

– Opening hours for technical assistance: 24/7 …
– The method(s) for incident declaration: web or phone
– Incident detection delays
– Treatment delays
– Resolution and intervention delays
– Communication processes: pre, in and post mortem
– Ticket management ad traceability: linked to an incident
– Competency matrix of the team
– Rules for the fact base management


For assistance, ITGStore provides the following channels to clients:

– Call to service center, hotline Helpdesk, triggering the creation of a ticket
– Email sent to support@itgstore-consulting.comdescribing the incident encountered.

We offer service for:

Maintenance and technical assistance operations

Preventive maintenance: 4 times a year meaning once per trimester
Corrective maintenance

– It takes place following a minor or major incident (service degradation), or worst, critical(service unavailability)
– The actions needed are conducted without any regression.

The possible actions:

– Repairs, replacement and updates ;
– Correction of detected anomalies;
– Changes on firmware, microcode and software, decided with the equipment’s provider services, upon client’s approval;
– Corrective support for software will be covered via phone for diagnostic and incident resolution;
– On site intervention for any incident in the production system;
– Corrective maintenance takes place during opening hours, Monday to Saturday;
– Intervention can done during not working hours based on a predefined plan.


Continuous Skills development is very important at ITGStore, not only for our engineers but also for our clients. For this reason through our authorized Pearson Vue center, several courses are offered with topics on the major issues in IT world. The trainers are highly qualified, certified, experienced, international and local.

Our training catalog is intended for companies, individuals and students. We are able to offer:

A technical training with custom sessions, given at our training center and laboratory

– Training on specific technologies: IP routing, IP switching, security and filtering;
– Data storage, backup and archiving solutions;
– Virtualization solutions;
– Qualification tests, validation and benchmark.


Certified in 2013 as Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center, ITGStore allows the trainees to pass their certification directly at the training center. By doing so we can:

– Ensure a better accompaniment until you pass your certifications such as: Microsoft, EMC, Alfresco, Oracle, Business Objects, QlikView, SAP, IBM and more. We set up a test environment with optimal conditions: a quiet dedicated room, constantly monitored;
– Preparation to certification, custom training program, reclassification.