System and virtualisation

The need for system consolidation, centralization and virtualization within a company is now a reality, as is led by the requirements for rationalization and optimization of the production costs.

A virtualization project, which is also one of the steps in the transformation process of IT production tools, is based on a methodical, reliable and coherent approach.

At ITGStore our offer for server consolidation and virtualization is based on 3 steps of a project :

Study and advisory

Our team of qualified experts, following a proven methodology, makes a state of the art study, analyses the medium and long term evolution needs, in order to propose several scenarios and architectures.

During this phase, the experts give their recommendations for impact analysis, sizing, appropriate virtualization solution (VMWare, Hyper V …) and a secured migration plan with a minimum impact on production.


This phase consists of the implementation of the target architecture and the migration plan chosen at the end of the study phase.

It also includes testing (functional and regression) as defined during study.


This step is composed of training sessions, skills and knowledge transfer.

ITGStore’s team of experts remains available as part of a predefined plan for change management and support, to ensure the success of the operations.

ITGStore offers the following service catalog :

Operating systems administration (UNIX:Solaris, AIX, HPUX; LINUX and WINDOWS)

Server consolidation and virtualization in a Datacenter

– Virtualization of server platforms

– Service continuity and disaster recovery plan

Virtualization of terminals and users’ workstations

– Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

– Application virtualization

Middleware solutions

Cloud solutions

– Office 365

– ITGStore’s archiving solution (Archaas)